Reduce, reuse and recycle

ALMA runs several projects raising awareness amongst communities, stakeholders, and tourists to recycle, and upcycle waste

Workshops and education

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

We organize educational workshops in schools and local communities, as well as in markets and villages. With our workshops we bring the idea of the “3 R´s” - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle closer to the people within the community and enable them to make informed decisions about the materials they use. Many of the ALMA community members have become artists, creating beautiful handmade crafts from recycled materials and Capulana scraps. Check out our catalogue for our beautiful portfolio.

Our educational events are always fun and engaging. We use film material, presentations, music during events, creating awareness among students. We believe in learning by doing, and kids are encouraged to participate in our clean ups. With the creation of signposts, so called banners, ALMA is promoting a direct “call to Action” to all visitors and residents of Tofo Beach.

Rubbish Collection

Not all rubbish is rubbish

We assist the local government as well as the tourism industry in order to deal with the imminent waste problem in Tofo and the wider province of Inhambane, Mozambique.ALMA has operated the Tofo / Tofinho rubbish collection since 2008. The Association holds an active contract with the Municipality of Inhambane to clean the village, surrounding beaches of Tofinho, the local market in Tofo, as well as the local rubbish dump. The rubbish collection happens every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday morning, where local residents, stakeholders, as well as tourism operators can deposit their waste bins on agreed points and routes in order to be collected. Once arrived at the rubbish dump, waste is then separated and further processed. ALMA community workers also regularly clean streets, the beaches and the market. You can spot our cleaning team walking around in our stylish blue ALMA uniforms. 

How to help

The regular rubbish bin collection service has made a huge difference in the community and the organization of waste disposal in the area. It is financed by tourism waste taxes collected by the local Municipality and private business contributions. However, the association is not able to cover all monthly costs by the contract payment from the Municipality. We therefore still depend on donations and support from private stakeholders. Please consider donating any amount, to assist our work. We deeply appreciate any assistance and we guarantee that 100% of your donation benefits our community projects.

Community Beach clean-ups

 Come join us on our next Beach Clean Up day!

ALMA has been cleaning up beaches since 2007. Since then we have been organizing monthly public beach clean days on Tofo and Tofinho beach. These events are great fun and organized in collaboration with the Municipality of Inhambane and kids from the local “nemos pequenos”, an integrated marine conservation, swimming and water safety program run by the Marine Megafauna Foundation. We invite schools as well as the local community from the market to participate in these general cleaning activities.

On the day

We distribute volunteers to different areas using tractors and pick up trucks in order to cover larger areas. Each volunteer is equipped with gloves and bags. We clean for about two hours until we reunite on Tofo Beach for a quick get together. We always provide soft drinks and bread as a small thank you to everyone that participated and contributed. Come join us on our next beach clean up day. Great fun!

Organizing dump sites

You can prepare your waste

Most of the waste in Tofo ends up at the dumpsite. ALMA workers separate the recyclable material and prepare it at the recycling center. ALMA ensures that the dump site is organized and safe for all workers. In cooperation with the Municipality ALMA pushes the waste together on a regular base and makes sure the dump stays tidy and organized. It is possible for everyone in the community to bring their waste to the dumpsite. Please see how you can help our community by preparing your waste properly.




100% of every donation is invested in the improvement of the rubbish collection service, development of the Tofo recycling centre and plastic bank, and community education. We are always happy to receive donations, and every little thing will go a long way in supporting our efforts.


We update our activity schedule and bring you news through our Facebook page. Like our page and follow our progress in cleaning the Mozambican coasts. If you are interested in helping out, or maybe even making an active effort in our community, you can read more about the different ways to participate here: