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Alu Cans



Without a Solid Waste Management System in place in Tofo, the dream of tourism can soon become a nightmare!

The ALMA community workers collect waste from the public rubbish dump and separate it to prime materials, such as glass, can, plastic, organic and other prime materials. We sell prime materials onwards for reuse, recycling and up-cycling waste through handicraft workshops. We also help dealing with the imminent waste problems in Tofo by providing infrastructures, carrying out beach and street clean-ups.

How to prepare your waste?

If you want to support our efforts, you can bring your separated waste to our Recycling Center or the public collection drop-off points


When dropping off your waste please be aware to keep cans, plastic, glass, and organics separately. It would be a great help to our team who handles the recycling process.


Placing your waste into bags, or boxes will assist the work of the ALMA community team, to easily transport it to the recycling site and away from our beaches.


We are always looking for transport opportunities carrying separated and primary materials to Maputo. If you are traveling to Maputo and have space, please feel free to contact us.


Glass bottles

Glass bottles are actively being separated and sold to local businesses, most often reusing them for the local peri-peri chili, honey, or liquor production. Reusing bottles in this way, is the most cost efficient method of keeping the existing materials in a sustainable recycling flow.

Crushed Glass

ALMA operates a custom built glass crusher that can crush glass into a fine grained silt. Crushed glass with this grain size is a perfect substitute for pea gravel or sand in many types of construction projects. We sell the crushed glass to building projects either in Maputo or locally.


Plastic Bank

In 2020 we established our first Plastic Bank to specifically deal with the plastic in our local waste cycle and keep it off our beaches. The plastic bank has enough capacity to reach our aim to expand our waste collection to also include the city of Inhambane and additional coastal communities of our province in the future. Aside from the plastic that is collected in the communities or delivered directly to the plastic bank, we also buy plastic from local community vendors.

Selling and reusing plastic

The plastic is compacted and is then sold to local buyers who collect the compact plastic at the plastic bank, or to buyers in Maputo where there is a bigger plastic recycling industry. Some plastic we reuse ourselves, using a plastic moulder to create small utility products that will be sold within the local community for daily use.

Aluminum Cans

Reselling aluminum

We separate aluminum cans from the collected waste, or purchase them from local vendors. At our recycling center they are then compacted into small blocks. Each block weighs 10 to 12 kilos. If you are interested in buying compact aluminum, please feel free to contact us.


Producing compost

ALMA has been producing compost since 2018 and with the help of an organic shredder we are able to process branches and bushes into valuable compost heaps. Mixed up with organic household waste ALMA has been able to produce about 1.200 kg of compost a year.

Compost is being sold to tourism stakeholders, as well as private households fertilizing arid grounds of the province. It produces nutritious soil for the creation of fertile veggie gardens.

Other Rubbish

Rubbish Separation

ALMA separates metal, batteries and other waste that end up in the local rubbish dump. Things are separated and then either transported to Maputo for further recycling or are locally sold to buyers who handle larger volumes.